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PPM Technology

Unit 34-35
Cibyn Industrial Estate
Caernarfon, Gwynedd LL55 2BD
Phone: +44 01826 676 999
Fax: +44 01826 671 811
Contact: Gareth Wyn Evans, Marketing Assistant


PPM Technology is a leading manufacturer of portable and fixed gas detection and monitoring instruments, PPM has developed wireless connectivity for all our products; dedicated monitoring software enables our instruments to be managed wirelessly from a single PC; the collected data can be stored and analysed, analysis of the data can ensure effective management of any indoor air environment. PPM’s current range of products includes the Formaldemeter htV and htV-M. They are able to accurately detect and measure very low or extremely high concentrations of Formaldehyde, as well as monitoring the temperature and humidity. The htv-m can be used as a portable handheld instrument or as a continuous data-logging monitor. Our new Wireless IAQ Profile PPMonitor is able to continuously monitor any Indoor Air Environment. The wireless technology enables real-time monitoring of almost any IAQ parameter including Temperature, Humidity and a wide range of toxic gases and compounds.