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Energy efficient motors.

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Raytheon Announces New Greenhouse Gas Reduction Goal (posted October 13, 2009)
Grainger Helps Businesses Reduce Environmental Impact (posted April 16, 2009)
ECOsine Active Harmonics Filters Improve Power Quality, Reduce Downtime (posted April 06, 2009)
Hydraulic Institute Announces Webinar on Variable Frequency Drives (posted March 07, 2009)
Honda's Ohio and Alabama Auto Plants Earn EPA Energy Star Rating (posted March 03, 2009)
Illinois Business Energy Efficiency Incentives Deadline Approaching (posted February 17, 2009)
NEMA Supports Obama Call for National Efficiency Standards (posted February 08, 2009)
Sustainable Manufacturing Summit 2009 (posted January 28, 2009)
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