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Spill Control Products Instantly Neutralize Chemical Spills for Easy, Safe Disposal

posted by William R. Stott
Published: March 10, 2009

ANSUL, a brand of Tyco Fire Suppression & Building Products, is showcasing its line of SPILL-X chemical spill products at PittCon 2009 in Chicago, March 9-12. ANSUL product representatives will be demonstrating SPILL-X capabilities to neutralize and eliminate a variety of chemical spills during the international conference at the ANSUL booth, #921.

Facilities such as labs and factories that work with a range of chemicals have to be prepared at all times for spills that require an emergency response. SPILL-X-A agent quickly and efficiently adsorbs and treats acid spills, transforming the liquid chemicals into a neutral solid state. There are four different SPILL-X agents capable of handling a variety of spills including organic and inorganic acids such as sulfuric, hydrochloric, nitric, and phosphoric, as well as caustics, solvents formaldehyde. The quick-action and ease-of-use make it applicable for hazmat facilities, chemical labs, school labs and healthcare labs.

The SPILL-X line offers a number of key benefits and advantages for spill control including:

  • Efficiency: Generally speaking, a 50-lb (23 kg) pail will neutralize and solidify 4-6 gallons (15-23 L) of concentrated acid.
  • Cost-effective: Because SPILL-X agent uses less product, it provides labs with an economic option that lowers overhead. Additionally, SPILL-X agents transform chemical spills into a solid or semi-solid state that can be easily removed often without the added disposal costs.
  • Convenient and easy-to-use: SPILL-X agent -- which is available in pails, drums or in the SPILL-X Treatment Kit bottles -- can be effortlessly applied by either scooping the powder over the surface area of the spill or via an applicator.
  • Easy to dispose: SPILL-X-A agent treats the spilled acids and transforms it into a solid, non-hazardous compound that can be easily removed and disposed in a landfill.  (Note: Disposal in landfills varies by state.  Consult local officials for verification.)

"The SPILL-X products are tailored to handle a variety of spills by quickly adsorbing chemicals and reducing the amount of exposure to people and the environment," said Joe Beranek, Tyco Fire Suppression & Building Products. "The four different SPILL-X agents help provide safety across a vast number of industries, offering workers ranging from lab technicians to factory employees a quick, environmentally-safe way to secure potentially dangerous spills."

The four distinctive SPILL-X agents include:

  • SPILL-X-A Acid Neutralizers/Solidifier -- Designed to treat mineral and organic acid spills by changing the pH of an acid spill so it no longer a corrosive hazardous waste. Typical environments for these types of spills are research laboratories, chemical process areas, water treatment plants, boiler areas and storage areas.
  • SPILL-X-C Caustic Neutralizer/Solidifier -- Optimized to handle spills with a caustic or organic base such as sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, hydrazine and ammonium hydroxide. Typical environments are similar to that of SPILL-X-A, including chemical process areas, laboratories, water treatment plans and storage areas.
  • SPILL-X-S Solvent Adsorbent -- Treats common hydrocarbon solvents and fuel spills. SPILL-X-S is an adsorbent that creates a physical bond between the activated carbon and the solvent to reduce vapors and elevate the flash point to a less costly waste material. .
  • SPILL-X-FP Formaldehyde Polymerizer -- Used for spills that contain formaldehyde.  Formaldehyde is often used in the chemical, medical, agricultural, wood products, plastics and metal finishing industries.

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